Components of Desktop Agent

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The Desktop Agent contains the following ThinPrint components:
  • AutoConnect
    component for printer creation and mapping
  • TP Output Gateway
    virtual printer driver for Driver Free Printing
  • Virtual Channel Gateway
    component for printing from print servers via ICA or RDP
  • Session-in-Session
    component for printing from a second session via the first session to the work­station
  • ThinPrint Self Service
    printer self service in a desktop session

With the Desktop Agent components installed, no administration is required on the desktops. For AutoConnect configuration and Output Gateway or Virtual Channel Gateway functionality see ThinPrint Engine on print servers and ThinPrint Self Ser­vice. For Session-in-Session functionality see ThinPrint Engine on terminal servers.

Package contents

A Desktop Agent package contains:

  • The setup installation program for Desktop Agent: Setup_DesktopA­gent_11_x64.exe, or Setup_DesktopAgent_11_x86.exe
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