ThinPrint Engine GPO

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  • After installing the group policies, open Group Policy Management and set up a new group policy object for ThinPrint.
  • Under Administrative Templates → ThinPrint → ThinPrint Engine, you will now find all the group policies with which to centrally con­figure the most important global settings for ThinPrint Engines.

In the following table you can find, for each group policy, its counterpart in the MMC and/or the respective Registry value.

Group policy Corresponding menu item and/or Registry value
Specify License Server address Server address
[Registry value LicenseServer]
Specify URL for Management Console of License Server Edit
[Registry value LicenseServerMngntURL]
Specify License Server TCP port TCP port
[Registry value LicenseServerPort]
Set ThinShare as default Set ThinShare as default for new Output Gateway printers
[Registry value ThinShare]
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