Print process with Host Integration Service

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Printing with the Host Integration Service could proceed as follows:
  1. From within an SAP session, a user initiates a print job. The host system (in this exam­ple: an SAP server) sends the file to be printed via LPR/LPD to the server where the Host Integration Service is installed.
  2. The Host Integration Service detects the XenApp server to which the user is logged on, then forwards the print job to the ThinPrint Engine installed on that server. The ThinPrint Engine sends the print job via ICA protocol compressed and across con­trolled bandwidth to the user who initiated the print job within his SAP session.
  3. The ThinPrint Client decompresses and decrypts the print job and forwards it to its Current printer. Note that the user who is printing must be enabled for ThinPrint on the license server (see license server).
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