Installing the Connection Service

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For a new installation of the ThinPrint Connection Service, please proceed as described below.

If you’re installing an update, please refer to the section Updating the Connection Service.

Note! Install the ThinPrint Engine’s Administration Tools on this machine beforehand if the Connection Service isn’t to be installed on a member server of the domain in which the ThinPrint Engine runs – e. g. with an installation in the DMZ. The Administration Tools are the MMC component of the ThinPrint Engine and are required for configuring the Connection Service.


1. Copy the installation routine from the relevant server.

2. Run the file Setup_ThinPrintConnectionService_x64.exe.

3. Select your preferred language.

4. Click on Next to confirm the welcome window.

5. Read and accept the license agreement, and click on Next.

6. Select the components to be installed.

  • ThinPrint Connection Service is the actual Windows service.
  • Connection Service Configuration is the MMC component for configuring Connection Service (it requires .NET Framework 3.5).

Confirm with Next.

7. Select the installation path with Change, and then confirm with Next.

8. Start the actual installation by clicking Install.

9. Confirm the completed installation by clicking on Finish.

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