Installing the Tracking Report Engine
on a webserver

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To use ThinPrint Tracking, please install the Tracking Report Engine on the webserver by following the steps below.

Please make sure that the following Windows components are installed and started:

  • Under .Net Framework 4, create the following value in the Windows Registry and set it to 1.

EnableIEHosting [reg_dword]


Or in:


  • Copy Setup.exe of Tracking Report Engine onto the web server and open it. Select the desired language and confirm with OK. InstallShield Wizard opens.
Choose database and authentication mode

Select database and authentication mode

  • Select the database server on which Tracking Database has been installed (upper arrow). Then select the same authentication mode which you have selected during Tracking database installation, here SQL server Authentication (middle arrow). Finally, indicate the data­base which has been created by Tracking database installer, in this example: PrintJobTracking, (lower arrow).
  • Confirm with Next.
Choose authentication mode

Select authentication mode

  • Here, select the authentication mode with which Tracking Report Engine estab­lishes a connection to Tracking Database. Confirm with Next and close Install­Shield Wizard with Finish.
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