ThinPrint Engine and Tracking

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To prepare the ThinPrint Engine for sending data of sent print jobs to the SQL server, you must make the following settings in the configuration for the ThinPrint Engine.

Note: For the installation procedure, please see Installation and configuration on print servers.

Preparing ThinPrint Engine and Tracking Service

1. Open configuration with Start→ (All) Programs→ ThinPrint Engine→ Con­figuration.

2. Mark the respective ThinPrint Engine node and select Edit Set­tings.

Selecting Tracking Settings

Selecting Tracking Settings

3. Enter the following settings in the Tracking tab:

  • Enable Tracking
  • SQL server’s address and name
  • SQL server/Windows authentication: an account or the which has write per­missions for the installed database (in this example: PrintJobTracking)
  • Encryption settings if the data are to sent encrypted to the SQL server
  • Name of the Tracking database (in this example: PrintJobTracking).
Enable Tracking and enter settings

Enable Tracking and enter settings

Print job tracking enabled

Print job tracking enabled

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