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Mobile Session Print enables iOS users to print directly from any remote and virtual desktop session to local printers.

An employee of the firm CCS – we’ll call her Amy – is supplied with an Apple iPad. She can use it in meetings, or on the road, to access her Windows desktop via a remote desktop session. This allows her to use Windows programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Outlook with no restrictions.

If Amy wants to print a file directly from her iPad, it’s easy to do so, using AirPrint. However, in the remote desktop session she has no direct access to the AirPrint func­tion on her iPad. To gain that, she uses ThinPrint Mobile Session Print. For this pur­pose, she has installed the ThinPrint Session Print app on her iPad.

Printing procedure in brief

  • Amy starts a Windows session on her iPad (step 1 in the scenario) and opens a file. To print this file, she opens the program’s printer menu and selects Mobile Printer.
  • The printer sends the print data to the Mobile Session Print server (step 2), where the print job is rendered and stored in Amy’s user directory.
  • Next, the Mobile Session Print server notifies the Push Notification Service – a ThinPrint cloud service – that a print job has been received (step 3). This sends a Push Notification Request to the Apple Push Notification Service (step 4), which in turn prompts Amy’s iPad to contact the Mobile Session Print server to retrieve the print job (step 5).
  • After contact has been made, the ThinPrint Session Print app downloads the print job from the Mobile Session Print server (step 6).
  • Finally Amy uses the AirPrint feature on her iPad to search for and select a nearby printer and prints the job on it (step 7).

For remote desktops, terminal servers (i. e. Remote Desktop Session Hosts) may be used, as can virtual desktops or Windows workstations. On all remote desktops as well as on workstations  the ThinPrint Engine is required.

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