Troubleshooting – Host Integration Service

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If printing does not work properly, please check the following before contacting Thin­Print support.

Please use also the ThinPrint Diagnostic Utility.

  • Is the same protocol selected for the ThinPrint Client and the ThinPrint port?
    • Is the ICA version of the ThinPrint Client installed on the client machine?
    • To which ThinPrint port is the printer for this ThinPrint Client connected (= Host Integration Service’s target printer)? Virtual Channel Protocol must be selected in the ThinPrint port configuration (MMC) on the XenApp server(s).
  • Check the name convention of the ThinPrint port to which the Host Integration Service’s target printer is connected; see ThinPrint port configuration (MMC) on the XenApp server(s). The name convention for the printer connected to the ThinPrint port must be: client_address:printer_ID#printer_name.
  • Are printer(s) installed on each client machine?
  • Is / are the host system’s IP address/es entered in the Host Integration Service configuration?
  • Is the Host Integration Service’s IP address entered in the printer settings on the host system(s)? (Preparing the host systems)
  • Are you sure that the TCP port number(s) (515 for the Host Integration Service) is / are not being used by another program?
  • Test the option Allow connections from all TCP ports instead of Allow con­nections from certain TCP ports (721–731) only.
  • Are name translations entered for host user names and XenApp server user names?
  • The Windows service TP Host Integration Service must be restarted after configuration.
  • Is the Windows service TP Host Integration Service running?
  • Is the Windows service LPD Service disabled on the Host Integration Service machine?
  • If you selected Use encryption in the port configuration, continue reading the section Encryption of print data, or disable encryption for now.
  • Debugging (Host Integration Service):
    • Create the Registry entries DebugFile and DebugLevel (Relevant entries in Windows Registry).
    • Restart the TP Host Integration Service (Windows service).
    • Try to print from a host session.
    • Search for “_ERR_” entries in the logfile.
  • Did you provide a ThinPrint license to the printing user in license server?
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