ThinPrint Tracking

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ThinPrint Tracking allows you to oversee your print volume: How many printers are overloaded? Which are hardly used? How many color or black&white printouts are printed on a daily basis? What are the resulting costs?

How it works

The print data of ThinPrint Ports is compiled by the server and transferred into an SQL database. From there, they can be graphically presented as a website using the Tracking Report Engine, which also allows for many other settings, such as querying print volumes for a certain branch during a certain time period. Authorized individu­als can access the website from anywhere.

Print job tracking has the following components:

  • ThinPrint Engine
    sends data to the ThinPrint Tracking Service
  • ThinPrint Tracking Service
    receives data and writes it to an SQL database
  • ThinPrint Tracking Report Engine
    web component for clear analysis, summary, and graphic report of tracking results

    Example for using ThinPrint Tracking

    Example for using ThinPrint Tracking

Tracking is part of the following ThinPrint products:

  • ThinPrint Engine
  • Personal Printing

If not yet installed, an SQL server must be installed to enable use of the tracking fea­ture within the ThinPrint Engine. This program is not included in the ThinPrint Engine software.

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