Updating the Group Policies

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Update from GPO v10 to GPO v11.0

To update the Map Additional Printers tables from GPO v10 to GPO v11, we suggest the following:

  • First of all do not activate the new GPOs yet, but start with updating one server.
  • If you already use the GPO in ThinPrint version 10 for the AutoConnect tables Dynamic Printer Matrix and/or Map Additional Printers, disable the GPO first and then export the AutoConnect tables (see Export / Import the AutoConnect 10 configuration) ). On a ThinPrint server version 10, import the tables locally via the ThinPrint configuration in the MMC and then update to ThinPrint 11. This will give you a database named TPACGlobal.db under %ALLUSERSPRO­FILE%\ThinPrint\TPAutoConnect, which should be copied to a network drive to distribute the path to the ThinPrint 11 servers using the new GPO. For more information about the new databases and how to distribute them, see the documentation Storage destination for AutoConnect settings
  • Afterwards copy this database file to a network share which can be accessed by all servers and the domain controller.
  • Once copied to network share the database address is to be set up. On this, see the section Global settings.

Update from GPO v11.0 to GPO v11.0.3

Run the installer of the ThinPrint Group Policies 11.0.3 on the same machine where the ThinPrint GPOs v11.0 are already installed. Follow the instructions of the installer as described in chapter Installing Group Policies.

Note! With the update comes a registry type change of the policy “Set Thin­Share as default”. If you had configured this policy before performing the update you have to enable it again.

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