Relevant Windows Registry entries
for Host Integration Service

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The Host Integration Service creates the following registry entries or they can be cre­ated by hand under:


Name Menu item (Host Integration Ser­vice) Description Type Default value
Disable list (allow any access) 0 = List enabled
1 = List disabled
reg_dword 1
DBConnctionString  — connector to the Citrix database,
e. g., ODBC;DSN=citrixdb
reg_sz CitrixXenapp75
DebugFile Path to the log(book) file;
e. g., c:\temp\host_integration.log
reg_sz none
DebugLevel Level of log(book) file entries:

0 = No entries in the log file
1 = Only error messages will be logged
2 = Only error messages and warnings will be logged
3 = Log everything

reg_d­word none
ExtPort­Range Allow connec­tions from cer­tain TCP ports (721–731) only Print jobs are only received from all LPRs (value: 1) or with TCP port num­bers from 721 to 731 (value: 0) reg_d­word 0
FormatStrin­gRE Sets how the user name will be retrieved from a string – using a regular expression (see also JobInfo and Alter­native user name transmission)

(= print job name)

FormatStringRE = [^.]*\.([^.]*)\.ps

reg_sz ([^.]*).*
IPList IP addresses of LPRs, that are allowed to use this Service Host servers that are allowed to send print jobs via LPR to the Host Integra­tion Service, incl. subnet mask; exam­ples:

reg_­mul­ti_sz none
JobInfo Sets where the user name will be retrieved from (see also FormatStringRE as well as Example for Windows and Alternative user name transmission):

0 =  from the control file
10 = (hex) from the banner page or from the print job name
20 = (hex) from the queue name
30 = (hex) from the print job name

reg_d­word 0
Port TCP-Port TCP port were the Host Integration Ser­vice receives data (= “listen”) reg_d­word 515
Selected­Printer Target printer Printer to which the Host Integration Service sends print jobs for the Thin­Print Engine; example: Lexmark Optra reg_sz 1st
ServiceType User sessions are on … 0 = standalone XenApp server (local machine)
1 = Citrix farm server
reg_d­word 0
TimeOut Timeout (s) Time (in seconds) the Host Integration Service is to wait for a response from the host system before canceling the transmission reg_d­word 30
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