Assigning a license to a user

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User activation modes

For your users to be able to print with ThinPrint, you must first assign them licenses. For this you need either a demo, a 30-days or a production license key in the License Manager. You can enter it during installation or you can add it later (see Entering license keys).

Two modes are available for activating users, i. e. assigning licenses to user accounts:

  • automatic user activation (default)
  • manual user activation

With automatic user activation the licenses are assigned to users with their first use of the ThinPrint functionality (Printing or getting printers mapped via ThinPrint Auto­Connect). Even in this mode it’s still possible to – additionally – activate users man­ually.

Assigning licenses to user (groups) manually can also be done with scripts. On this, see License Server’s PowerShell module.

  • Open ThinPrint Management Console. Select ThinPrint License and User Configuration in the Start menu.

On the left you can now see the free user licenses (green).

Global settings

  • Select Global Settings.

  • Select Configure on the Activation Mode tab. Here, you can switch between Automatic and Manual user activation mode.

User management

  • Then, to manage user accounts manually, select Users.

  • To add users manually, select the plus sign.

  • You can then select either AD users or user groups, or single users.
  • Preferably, select Active Directory. Domains with trusted domains and sub domains will also be listed here.

  • Select the preferred domain and then click below on Next.

  • Select the desired user accounts or a user group and then click below on the Import button.

  • Confirm the ThinPrint license information with Continue. If the selected user accounts should not yet consume ThinPrint licenses, you can use the checkbox Import selected users as disabled.

  • The user accounts successfully imported for ThinPrint are marked with a green dot. Below you can see the number of licenses that have been consumed (Imported) and the Number of licenses available.

Enter single user manually

If you select individual users with Enter singel user manually, you can either fill in one of the fields completely or search for a particular user using wildcards.

The imported users are displayed in the Management Console.

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