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Updating an existing Management Center installation

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To update an earlier Management Center version, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the console of the old Management Center
    (e. g. version 2.1.3, build version 2.2.434).
  2. With this Management Center version, select Apply Configuration (Creating printers on the central print server) – either for all Connections (provided you have selected the One port per printer option here) or for all central print servers.
  3. On the SQL server, perform a backup of the Management Center database. To find the database information, select Extra→ Application Settings in the old Management Center.
  4. Install the new Management Center version – best on a new machine (not necessarily).
  5. Open the console of the new Management Center. Specify the database infor­mation in Extra→ Application Settings. The Management Center performs an – irreversible – database update automatically.


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