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MC installation

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New installation

For a description of the installation steps, see Installing Management Center.

Updating an existing Management Center installation

To update an earlier Management Center version, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the console of the old Management Center
    (e. g. version 2.1.3, build version 2.2.434).
  2. With this Management Center version, select Apply Configuration for all cen­tral print servers or for all Connections.
  3. On the SQL server, perform a backup of the Management Center database. To find the database information, select Extra→ Application Settings in the old Management Center.
  4. Install the new Management Center version – best on a new server (not neces­sarily). To do so, follow the instructions of the quick instal­lation guide.
  5. Open the console of the new Management Center. Specify the database infor­mation in Extra→ Application Settings. The Management Center performs an – irreversible – database update automatically.

Updating Output Gateway to the current ThinPrint version

After sharing printers the printer driver TP Output Gateway can be delivered automat­ically using Point and Print to terminal servers, virtual desktops and workstations. But with the printer driver update maybe the print processor isn’t updated automat­ically by Windows if an older version already exists. In this case it’s possible to print but ThinShare doesn’t work – in other words: The print data won’t be compressed on the way to the central print server.

To make sure to update ThinPrint’s print processor (tpwinprn) there are two alter­natives:

  • Either you update the printer driver directly on the target machine using its driver package. This can be found on the central print server in the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\ThinPrint\Virtual Printer\TPOG3
  • Or you enable the group policy Point and Print Restrictions in the domain for all target machines including the option Do not show warning or valuation prompt.
GPO Point and Print Restrictions

GPO Point and Print Restrictions

Enabling the GPO Point and Print Restrictions

enabling the GPO Point and Print Restrictions

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