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Converts export files from Microsoft Printbrm or ThinPrint Port Manager to Tpms.Powershell scripts.


ConvertTo-TpmsMigrationScript -SourcePath <String> -OutputPath <String>

Parameter Description
-SourcePath path to the export file
-OutputPath path to the Tpms.Powershell file

Example 1: cmdlet usage

ConvertTo-TpmsMigrationScript -SourcePath c:\temp\W2k3-printers.printerExport -OutputPath c:\temp\printer-migration.ps1

Converts the printer and port information file W2k3-printers.printerExport – exported by Printbrm.exe – to the PowerShell script printer-migration.ps1. This script represents step 1 described in Architecture; it must be added by step 2 and step 3 cmdlets.

Example 2: cmdlet usage

ConvertTo-TpmsMigrationScript -SourcePath c:\temp\TP-ports.xml -OutputPath c:\temp\TP-ports.ps1

Converts the ThinPrint Port information file TP-ports.xml – exported by the ThinPrint Port Manager – to the PowerShell script TP-ports.ps1. This script represents step 1 described in Architecture; it would be best to merge it with the script created using the Printbrm export (see example 1).

Example 3: script

See Migrating a Windows Server 2003 print server.

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