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There are a range of further options available, which are described briefly in the following. You can find more information on these in the ScriptRunner help. Open the help with the button in the action bar.


  • In the left column, select the menu item Queries.

A description of how to edit the preconfigured query ThinPrint Servers can be found here. For all other preinstalled queries, no changes need to be made. The queries are part of the pre-installed actions.

In the Remove printer(s) action used in our example, the parameter $PrinterName is also provided with a preinstalled Query. This query retrieves all the printer objects present on the print server (Agent) and lists them. Thus, the user/admin can later select and delete the printer objects from the list.



The target systems have already been preconfigured. No changes need to be made here. Always use the Local ThinPrint Host in your Actions (upper arrow in illus.). If required, you can change the credentials for direct, local execution on the ScriptRunner server.

  • To do this, click on Edit in the action bar (lower arrow in illus.).

  • Overwrite the default value if required (arrow in illus.).


Here you can edit the login data for ScriptRunner for ThinPrint and create additional accounts. You will find a description of how to edit the preconfigured ThinPrint Account here.

  • You can also click on Create in the action bar to create a new account.
  • Then specify a display name and enter a user name and password.


This option is not required for preinstalled actions.


You will get an overview here of your license status, tag settings and the path to the ScriptRunner library. You can also store your internal support information here. This information is displayed as support data to the users of the Delegate app.

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