Available scripts/cmdlets

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The following will give you an overview of all the available scripts. The scripts are available in both German and English. You can use these scripts to create your own actions.

The scripts are located on your server under C:\ProgramData\ScriptRunner\ScriptMgr. This path is also displayed in the settings. You can also store other scripts there.

Skript name Description
Add-TPDriver Adding printer drivers
Add-TPPrinter Adding printer objects
Add-TPPrinterViaFile Adding printer objects via CSV file
Disable-TPVLayer Disable V-Layer
Enable-TPVLayer Enable V-Layer
Get-TPPrinterCount Get the number of printers
Get-TPPrintJobCount Get the number of print jobs
Remove-TPPrinters Removing printer objects
Remove-TPPrintJob Removing print jobs
Set-TPPrinterProperty Setting printer properties
QUY_Get-NoVLayerPrintersMultiplePS.ps1 Query the non-V-Layer printers from different print servers
Query the printer drivers
QUY_Get-PrtMPrinterDriversMultiplePS.ps1 Query the printer drivers from different print servers
QUY_Get-PrtMPrinters.ps1 Query the printer objects
QUY_Get-PrtMPrintersMultiplePS.ps1 Query the printer objects from different print servers
QUY_Get-PrtMPrintJobs.ps1 Query the print jobs
QUY_Get-TPOGPrintersMultiplePS.ps1 Query the TPOG printer from different print servers
QUY_Get-TPPrinterPortsMultiplePS.ps1 Query the ThinPrint printer ports from different print servers

Furthermore you will find some library scripts here.

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