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Specifies a target machine (print server or workstation) and the printer, port, driver and V-Layer models to be installed on.

Afterwards, these models can be used to perform the installation process using Start-TpmsApplyByAgent.


  • ThinPrint Engine in case the -VLayerConnections parameter is used


New-TpmsObjApplyAgent -Name <string> -Port <uint16> [-Printers <PSObject[]>] [-Ports <PSObject[]>] [-Drivers <PSObject[]>] [-VLayerConnections <PSObject[]>]
Parameter Description
-Name target (Agent) machine’s address, examples:

cps47.ourdomain.local” or cps47.ourdomain.local

“” or

-Port TCP port to connect to the target machine (default: 5050)
-Printers variable containing the printers to be created, example:

$printer or ($printer)

-Ports variable containing the printer ports to be created or to be used, example:

$port or ($port)

-Drivers variable containing the printer drivers to be installed or to be used, example:

$driver or ($driver)

-VLayerConnections variable containing the V-Layer printer pairs defined using New-TpmsOb­jVLayerPair, example:

$vlayer or ($vlayer)

Example 1: cmdlet usage

$srva = New-TpmsObjApplyAgent -Name cps47.ourdomain.local -Port 5050 -Printers ($printer) -Ports ($port) -VLayerConnections ($vlayer)

Writes the target machine cps47.ourdomain.local with printers from the $printer variable and printer ports from the $port variable to the $srva variable. Tpms.Agent (installed on the target machine) will connect Tpms.Service via an https connection using TCP port 5050.

The TCP port number must match the Tpms.Agent settings. On this, see the AgentListenPort property in the App.config file of Tpms.Agent. The default TCP port number is 5050.

See also New-TpmsObjPrinter and New-TpmsObjPrinterTpog for defining printer variables as well as New-TpmsObjTcpIpPortRaw and New-TpmsObjTpPortTcp for defining port variables. See also Start-TpmsApplyByAgent for advice on using the $srva variable.

App.config of Tpms.Agent: TCP port set to the default value 5050

Example 2: script

See New-TpmsObjPrinter for a complete script.

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