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Applies the configuration to the given target machines.


Start-TpmsApplyByAgent -Servers <psobject[]> [-Action <WorkerAction>]
Parameter Description
-Servers applies the configuration to the given target machines, examples:

$srv1 or ($srv1)


-Action Deploy: creates printers, printer ports, drivers etc. (default)

Remove: deletes them

Example 1: cmdlet usage

Start-TpmsApplyByAgent -Action Deploy -Servers ($srva,$srvb) | Format-TpmsDispatch

Applies the configuration from the variables $srva and $srvb to the target machines in question.

See also New-TpmsObjApplyAgent for creating the variables $srva and $srvb.

Examples 2 and 3: scripts

See New-TpmsObjTpPortVcp and New-TpmsObjPrinter for complete scripts.

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