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Finds a printer driver in the driver repository. See also Import-TpmsDriverArchive.


Find-TpmsDriverArchive [-DriverName <string>] [-Architectures <architecture>] [-ForOs <string>]
Parameter Description
-DriverName name of the printer driver to be searched for
-Architectures printer driver’s processor architecture:

X86 | X64 | IA64

-ForOs Windows version

example: -ForOs “6.2…” for Windows version 6.2 and later

Example 1: cmdlet usage

The following example searches for the driver Canon Generic PCL6 Driver in the repository.

Find-TpmsDriverArchive -DriverName "Canon Generic PCL6 Driver"

searching for a specific printer driver in the repository

Example 2: cmdlet usage

The following example searches the repository for all drivers designed for the x64 processor architecture.

Find-TpmsDriverArchive -Architecture X64

searching the repository for all printer drivers designed for a specific architecture

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