Using Actions

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  • Select the menu item Actions in the left column.
  • Now select one of the preinstalled actions (upper arrow) and then click on Edit in the action bar (lower arrow).

For the following example, the action Remove printer(s) has been selected.

Edit the action as follows:

Set parameters

Note! The preinstalled actions are set up in such a way that they are ready to with no further configuration. Only the server name (FQDN) of the server on which ScriptRunner was installed needs to be entered. Additionally, for the Add printer action, a template server can optionally be added.

The default values can be changed if required:

  • If certain parameters ought not to be altered later by the user/admin, check the checkbox Do not display parameters on the input form. These parameters will then be grayed out for the user/admin (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Some parameters are linked to a Query. For example, all preinstalled actions contain a Query with the list of all ThinPrint servers. Therefore, the ThinPrint servers must be entered in the query beforehand. Then the user/admin can select a server from the list later in the Delegation App.
  • If you create actions yourself and want to link them to a query, click on the orange icon (middle arrow in the illus.). The desired query element can then be selected from the list.
  • You can then additionally specify whether the user/admin is permitted to edit the selected values (lower arrow).

Delegate action

In addition to the parameters in an action, it must at least be specified to whom the action should be delegated. To do this, switch to the last window inside an action (arrow).

  • Select here which users/admins should use the script (lower arrow). Users/admins must have been added beforehand under Delegation.
  • Place a cross in the checkbox For this action at start up, if the user/admin should enter a reason for the script to be run (upper arrow).
  • Specify a tab and a color (middle arrow) for the display in the user portal.

Change other settings (optional)

In the first window you can change the display name of the action, create and/or add tags and add a description.

  • No changes need to be made in the Target window. The predefined Local ThinPrint Host can be used here.

For preinstalled actions, such as Remove printer in the example, no changes need to be made to the PowerShell output and execution options. Preinstalled scripts are used here also.

In the next window you can configure the options for results and notifications.

  • In the next step, create a schedule for the execution of your script.

Executing an action

If a fully configured action is to be executed by a user/admin who is specified in the action to do so (see above), the Delegate app must be used.

If you want to execute the action yourself, highlight the action in the overview (upper arrow) and then click on Execute in action bar (lower arrow).

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