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Uploads a printer driver ZIP archive to the driver repository (specified by Set-TpmsDriverRepositoryOptions).

Afterwards, the printer drivers can be installed on the target machines using New-TpmsObjDriver.


Import-TpmsDriverArchive -ArchivePath <string> -InfName <string>

Parameter Description
-ArchivePath path to the ZIP file (which contains the driver) to be transmitted to the driver repository (source: Tpms.Powershell’s file system)

example: -ArchivePath “c:\temp\HP Universal”

-InfName name of the INF file in the ZIP archive


The printer driver must first be stored in a ZIP file before uploading to the repository. To do so:

– Open the folder containing the appropriate INF file.

– In this folder, mark all files and subfolders.

– In the context menu, select Send to→ Compressed (zipped) folder.

storing a printer driver in a ZIP file

Example: cmdlet usage

The following example uploads the driver Canon Generic PCL6 Driver to the repository.

Import-TpmsDriverArchive -ArchivePath "C:\TPMS\Canon Generic PCL6" -InfName CNP60KA64.INF

uploading a ZIP archive to the printer driver repository

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