Using the Delegate app

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After the Admin App has been configured, the users/administrator groups can use the Delegate app to execute the Actions that have been created for them. For this, Users/Admins open the following web site: http://<fqdn-scriptrunner-server>/ScriptRunner/delegate in the browser on a workstation.

In the example, as well as the action Remove printer(s), the user/Admin was assigned two additional actions:

If it was specified when the actions were configured that changes are permitted to individual parameters, those parameters will be visible, and editable if required.

For the action Remove printers, for example, the User/Admin can make settings for two parameters.  First, select the ThinPrint server (agent) here on which the printer objects are located (upper arrow in illus.).

Note! Several servers can be selected at one time.

These are then identified using a Query. Then the printer object to be deleted is selected. Additionally, it was determined during the configuration that the User/Admin should specify a reason for using the action.

Note! Several printer objects can be selected at one time.

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