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Sets the path to a folder that is to be used as the printer driver repository, which is accessed by Tpms.Service. This can be specified as a local folder or as a UNC path. Tpms.Service must have full control rights over this folder.

Additionally, this cmdlet can specify which driver version is to be used if multiple versions of the same driver are stored in the repository.

Afterwards, the printer drivers can be uploaded to the repository using Import-TpmsDriverArchive and then installed on the target machines using New-TpmsObjDriver.


Set-TpmsDriverRepositoryOptions [-RepositoryFolder <string>] [-VersionPreference <VersionPreference>]

Parameter Description
-RepositoryFolder folder in which the printer drivers are stored for Tpms.Service
-VersionPreference driver version to be used if different versions of the same driver are stored in the repository:

UseNewest | UseOldest


The following example sets the folder C:\driver-repository on the Tpms.Service machine as its driver reposi­tory.

Set-TpmsDriverRepositoryOptions -RepositoryFolder "C:\driver-repository" -VersionPreference UseNewest

setting a folder as the driver repository of Tpms.Service

See also Get-TpmsDriverRepositoryOptions.

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