Getting started with ScriptRunner

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Technical requirements


Getting started

  • Go to the website of your ScriptRunner Server http://<scriptrunner>/scriptrunner/admin
  • Please use an admin user who is a member of the security group you entered during the installation of ScriptRunner for ThinPrint.
  • Click on Credentials on the left side of the website.
    Credentials - Navigation
  • Enter an account that is a local administrator on your ThinPrint print servers as well as on the ScriptRunner server. Apply your changes by clicking on OK.
    Change credentials if needed
  • Go to Queries next. You’ll find that on the left side again.
    Go to Queries
  • Select the query ThinPrint Servers and click on Edit.
    Add your print servers to the list
  • Afterward, enter your print servers’ FQDNs and the display names which will be used in the forms.
  • Next, click on Actions.
    Click on Actions
  • Select 01_Create new printer(s) and click on Edit afterward.
  • In that form, you have to change at least the variables $ServerName and $TemplateServer. Please use the FQDN of the machines.
    Change the ScriptRunner server name
    Change the template server name

    If you don’t want to use printer templates at all, just delete the placeholder in the $TemplateServer variable. If not, you will get a timeout error message every time you run the action „Create new printer(s)“.

  • Doublecheck everything and click on OK to apply your changes.
  • You have to change the variable $ServerName in the following actions, too:
    • 02_Enable V-Layer
    • 03_Disable V-Layer
    • 04_Remove-Printer(s)
    • 05_Create new ThinPrint Port(s)
    • 06_Install new driver
    • 07_Create printers via CSV file
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