Enter print server and admin account

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Entering print servers in the queries

Next enter your print server(s) (Agent(s)) in the preinstalled ThinPrint Server. This query is a component of all preinstalled actions

  • In the left column, select the menu item Queries.
  • Now select the query ThinPrint Server (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Then click on Edit in the action bar (lower arrow in illus.).

  • Enter the server addresses of the print servers into the list. To do so, change the existing entries (upper arrow in illus.) and, if needed, click on the plus button to insert further entries (lower arrow in illus.).

Enter admin account under Credentials

This account is required to access the ScriptRunner server and print server(s) when you delegate the action to other users/admins.

  • In the left column, select the menu item Credentials.
  • Select the ThinPrint Account (upper arrow in illus.) and then click on Edit (lower arrow in illus.).

  • Now enter the login data for an account that has at least local Admin rights on the Scriptrunner server, as well as local Admin rights on the print servers (arrow in illus.).

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