Configuring the Admin app

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  • Open the Admin app in a web browser via the link http://<fqdn-scriptrunner-server>/ScriptRunner/admin.
  • Log in, using the login credentials you created during the ScriptRunner Installation.

There are a variety of features available to you in the Admin app. The following describes the most important features for use with ThinPrint. You can find more information in the ScriptRunner online help. Open the help via the action bar (arrow in illus.).

Note! In the first version of the Admin app for ScriptRunner for ThinPrint, when the language is changed to German, only the ScriptRunner-components are translated into German. The ThinPrint components, such as the names of the actions and the descriptions within the actions for example, are in English. When you switch to German in the Delegation app, however, all components are displayed in German.

Configuring ScriptRunner for ThinPrint is carried out in basically three steps:

  1. Setting the roles for users or groups (Delegation).
  2. Entering the print servers (agents) and adding the credentials of an admin account that has access to the print servers.
  3. Creating actions for these users or groups (Actions).

You will find an overview of all predefined actions here. Depending on the purchased package, you can also create your own actions. There are a range of scripts available for this purpose. You can also use your own scripts. You will also get a short overview of further options.

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