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Defines a Tpms.Agent computer which is to be retrieved printer information from ThinPrint Clients directly or via the Connection Service.


  • ThinPrint Clients
  • Connection Service, if necessary


New-TpmsObjQueryAgent -Name <string> -Port <uint16> [-ClientQueries <psobject[]>]

Parameter Description
-Name Tpms.Agent address
-Port TCP port to connect to the Tpms.Agent (default: 5050)
-ClientQueries list of client or target machines

Example 1: cmdlet usage

The following example shows how to define the Tpms.Agent computer and how to store the information retrieved from ThinPrint Clients to a variable (here, to $allclients).

New-TpmsObjQueryAgent -Name "cps47.ourdomain.local" -Port 5050 -ClientQueries ($allclients)

Example 2: script

See Start-TpmsQueryByAgent.

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