Manual Configuration

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Ideally, your system administrator has already pushed the Mobile Print app onto your mobile Android device and pre-configured it. In this case, proceed as described in section Using Mobile Print App.

If you configure the app yourself, proceed as follows:

Download App from the Play Store

You can find the ThinPrint Mobile Print at the Google Play Store. Download them to your mobile device. In the welcome email you received from your administrator you will find a link to the Play Store (left illus.).

Download Mobile Print app

Download Mobile Print app

Loading the security certificate onto the device

In the welcome email, you may find a link to a security certificate. If you have received such a link to the certificate, please proceed as follows:

  • Tap on Download (arrow in the left illus.) and then on Install (arrow in the right illus.).
Install security certificate

Install security certificate

  • Open the certificate with the Certificate Installer (left illus.).
  • Enter a random name for the certificate (right illus.).
Open in the <em>Certificate Installer</em> and enter name

Open in the Certificate Installer and enter name

Configure Mobile Print app

In the welcome email you received from your administrator, you will find all the information you need to configure the app.

  • Then open the Mobile Print app on your device. You must now make the following settings:
    • Mobile Print Server: Enter the server address of the Mobile Print server here (see welcome email).
    • Username: Enter your user name here (see welcome email).
    • Password: Enter your domain password here.
  • Then tap on Login.
Configure Mobile Print app

Configure Mobile Print app

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