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In the following you can find a selection of possibly relevant entries in the Windows registry.

ThinPrint Engine: ThinPrint Ports
and ThinPrint Connection Service Ports

hkey_local_machine\system\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\ThinPrint Port\<portname>:

Name ThinPrint Engine MMC Description Type Default value
Bandwidth Bandwidth (kbit/s (kbps)) Bandwidth used to send print data (in bit/s, bits per second) reg_dword 256000
Bandwidth­Access Client control: Bandwidth Enables the ThinPrint Client to reduce the bandwidth
0 = disabled
1 = enabled
reg_dword 0
Bandwidth­CtrlEnabled Bandwidth con­trol: Enable Enables bandwidth control
0 = disabled
1 = enabled
reg_dword 0
CConnTries Connection retries Number of attempts to establish a connection to the ThinPrint Cli­ent, Connection Service or Virtual Channel Gateway reg_dword 3
CLevel Bandwidth con­trol: Enable + Minimum print data volume Compression level
0 = no compression
5 = default compression
8 = high compression (Bandwidth con­trol enabled)
9 = best compression (Minimum print data volume enabled)
reg_dword 5
DeleteErrJobs Print job handling when ThinPrint Client doesn’t take them
1 = failed jobs will be deleted
0 = failed jobs will be left in the printer queue (Queue Manager)
reg_dword 1

— ;

Connection Ser­vice address

With ThinPrint Ports: ThinPrint Client address; with ThinPrint Connection Service Ports: Con­nection Service address reg_sz
IsCSvcPort New ThinPrint Port/New Thin­Print Connection Service Port 0 = ThinPrint Engine doesn’t print to the Connection Service
1 = ThinPrint Engine prints to the Connection Service
NetSend Net send service Inform the users about errors?
0 = no
1 = yes
reg_dword 1
Port TCP port TCP port for communication to ThinPrint Clients, Virtual Channel Gateway or Connection Service reg_dword 4000
SignCert Name of certificate that signed the client certificate. Overrides global SignCert setting in hkey_lo­cal_machine\system\currentcon­trolset\control\print\moni­tors\ThinPrint Port\ reg_sz
UseEncryption Use encryption 0 = encryption disabled
1 = encryption enabled
reg_dword 0
WTSMsgBox If set to 1 and an error occurred:
A message box will be sent to the remote desktop session which started the print job.
reg_dword 1




Name AutoConnect MMC Description Type Default value
ConnectTo­Client Printer name con­tains preferably (printing via TCP/IP) Connection to client with client name or client address (use: Auto, ClientName, ClientAddress) reg_sz Auto
DisableSetting­OfDefPrinter AutoConnect has no influence AutoConnect will not set any default printer reg_dword 0
InstallOrder 1, 2: Default printer taken from

4: Disable Dynamic Printer Matrix

0 = create/connect no printer
1 = Dynamic Printer Matrix first
2 = Map Additional Printers first
3 = Dynamic Printer Matrix only
4 = Map Additional Printers only
reg_dword 1
ListenToWTS AutoConnect is started automati­cally on session logon (Auto mode) reg_dword 1
ListenToWTS­CreatCmd Command that will be launched on session logon if ListenToWTS is not 0 reg_sz tpauto­connect.exe
ListenToWTS­DeleteCmd Command that will be launched on session logoff reg_sz tpauto­connect.exe -dl
ListenToWTS­OnDisconnect At session recon­nect/disconnect Indicates whether printers will be deleted when a session goes to the disconnect state reg_dword 1
NameTrans­lationEx Dynamic Printer Matrix Content of Dynamic Printer Matrix reg_mul­ti_sz
PrinterCreate­ListEx2 Map Additional Printers Content of Map Additional Printers reg_mul­ti_sz
PrinterProperties Inherit client printer settings Indicates whether the printer properties will be retrieved from ThinPrint Clients reg_dword 1
PrinterProper­tyFlags Paper size, Print on both sides, Paper source, Color, Print quality, Fini­shing, Show com­ments and location bit 0: paper name and size
bit 1: printable area
bit 2: paper trays
bit 3: print quality
bit 4: print on both sides
bit 5: color
bit 8: punch holes
bit 9: staple
bit 10: bind
bit 11: pages per sheet
reg_mul­ti_sz 0x000ffff
Protocol Transfer protocol Protocol for connections to ThinPrint Clients (use: TCPIP, VC, AUTO) reg_sz Auto
StoreUserSes­sionSettings Enable storing printer properties in User Settings database (bit mask)
bit 0 = default printer information
bit 1 = printer properties (dev­mode)
bit 2 = if bit 0 and/or 1 is enabled, printer properties and/or default printer information is stored to the database
bit 3 = AutoConnect will be started in user’s session/s when database was changed (will be polled every 30 seconds)
reg_dword 7
(bits 0, 1 and 2 set)
UserDriven­DefaultPrinter Default printer – give priority to the user’s choice Set to 1 if the selection of the default printer will be user driven, so AutoConnect will not interfere it reg_dword 0
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