Global remote desktop settings

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ThinPrint Configuration console

  • Open the ThinPrint Configuration console.

The ThinPrint Engine console appears.

Here you can see the global ThinPrint settings as well as all events generated by ThinPrint components (Events). Additionally you can display and filter print spooler events as well as manage the ThinPrint services and the print spooler (ThinPrint Related Services).

Note that the settings under Server Settings only take effect after a spooler restart.

  • Select Edit settings.

ThinPrint License Server

  • In the ThinPrint License Server tab you can:
    • change the license server address (hostname, FQDN or IP address) and the TCP port (restart the TP License and User Configuration Service afterwards)
    • open the license server’s configuration website by clicking its link
    • change the address of the configuration website by clicking Edit

Note! The ThinPrint Engine configuration using group policies is described in ThinPrint group policies.

Print Spooler Events

In the Print Spooler Events tab, you can select which print spooler events from the Windows event viewer are to be displayed.


To prepare the ThinPrint Engine for sending meta data of print jobs to an SQL data­base, you must the following settings in the Tracking tab:

  • Enable Tracking
  • SQL server’s address and name
  • SQL server or Windows authentication: an account (specified with Tracking Database installer) which has write permissions for your database
  • Encryption settings if the data are to be sent encrypted to the SQL server
  • Name of the Tracking database (created using its installer)
  • Click OK or Apply to confirm.

For details, see ThinPrint Engine and Tracking.


In the event that printer shares are connected to computers in remote offices, the print data can be compressed in the opposite direction in addition to the normal ThinPrint compression – between the computers in the remote offices (where the applications are running) and the central print server. This print data compression of the shares is called ThinShare; it is available in the Driver Free Printing and V-Layer print modes.

  • Here you can choose whether ThinShare should be enabled by default for all new printer objects to be created that use the Output Gateway as driver.
    Confirm with Apply.

ThinPrint Hub cloud management

For central management of ThinPrint Hubs, ezeep Hubs, or Personal Printing Release Stations in the cloud, proceed according to the ThinPrint Hub documentation.


For global AutoConnect settings see the section AutoConnect: Printer mapping without print servers.

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