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This feature makes it possible for client or network printers to be still available in a session, even when a further session is opened from within an existing one, or if you – from this (first) session – access a server or a virtual desktop that is already running a Published Application. Thereby, printers are mapped into the second session and print jobs are “passed on” from the second to the first server or desktop.

Open a further session from within an existing session:

Installation, licensing and configuration

You need a ThinPrint Engine on the machine on which the (second) session is running (right computer in Illus.) – that means a ThinPrint Engine on a remote desktops. A ThinPrint Client is installed on the client machine (in this example: a laptop), and an ICA or RDP client must be running.

The Session-in-Session component is installed on the “middle” computer. On remote desktops, this can be selected during the installation procedure via Custom Setup. Select Session in Session. This feature functions without any further configuration. An ICA or RDP connection is a prerequisite.

If you also want to print from the “middle” computer, then you need two ThinPrint Engines (on the middle and on the right computer in the illustration above).

Citrix ICA Client later installed

If you’ve installed a Citrix ICA Client after Session-in-Session, uninstall the Ses­sion-in-Session component via custom setup and afterwards rein­stall it.

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