iOS app for Personal Printing

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First, the users need to download the Personal Printing app in the App Store (left screenshot) and then proceed to configure it. For this, a configuration mail was gen­erated automatically during the user configuration on the server (see personalize) and sent to the users and is thus in the e-mail application on the users’ devices. By open­ing the attachment of the configuration mail (Open in Personal Print, see right screenshot), the users configure the app. This will automatically launch the app.

downloading, installing and configuring Personal Printing app

Setting up Per­sonal Printing via AirPrint

So that Personal Printing users can use Apple’s AirPrint option, a trust must be set up between Personal Printing server and print server. To restrict this trust to specific ser­vices (e. g. CIFS) a Constrained Delegation must be applied.

  • In Active Directory Users and Computers, select your Personal Printing server under Computers (left arrow). Then click on Properties in the context menu.
  • In the tab Delegation→ Trust this computer for delegation to specified ser­vices only→ Use any authentication protocol, click Add.
  • Click Users or Computers and select your print server and then Service Type→ cifs (bottom arrow).

trust created between Personal Printing server and print server

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