Android app for Personal Printing

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First, the users need to download the Personal Printing app in the Play Store and then proceed to configure it.

Alternatively, you can roll out the file PersonalPrinting.apk or PersonalPrint­ing-release.apk via e-mail to all Android users. To install the app, users need to open the e-mail attachment (.apk file) in the e-mail application of the Android device. Beforehand, ensure that Unknown Sources option is enabled on the device in Set­tings→ Applications.

installing Personal Printing app

Afterwards, users need to configure the Personal Printing app. A configuration e-mail is created automatically during user configuration on the server, and sent to the mobile device. Open the e-mail application on the Android device and click on the e-mail attachment (.tpmpp file, see personalize). Configuration of app is done auto­matically while opening .tpmpp file. After successful configuration, the Personal Printing app starts automatically.

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