Printer mapping with print servers

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With AutoConnect it’s possible to map printer objects automatically if shared print­ers can be used on a central, dedicated print server. AutoConnect is installed as a Windows service, and is supplied with the ThinPrint Engine package.

AutoConnect features

  • Dynamic connection to shares on ThinPrint Servers (= printer mapping), based on various criteria, e. g.:
    • Active Directory user or group name
    • Printer name or printer group name
    • Client (or host) name
    • Client IP address, IP range or IP group
  • Two methods for AutoConnect configuration:
    • Using an MMC snap-in (recommended for single terminal servers)
    • Using a Group Policy Object (recommended for virtual desktops and large environments)
  • Support for Output Gateway
  • Support for Virtual Channel Gateway
  • Support for Connection Service
  • Support for Management Center
  • Support for Management Services

Basic configuration

  • ThinPrint Engine on a central print server
  • AutoConnect, Virtual Channel Gateway and Output Gateway on the machine on which the applications run: terminal servers, workstations or virtual desktops
  • ThinPrint Clients on workstations and / or local print servers and / or gateway appliances

Where and how to install AutoConnect?

AutoConnect is installed on the same computers on which the applications run – using the ThinPrint Engine installer.

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