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Users with an AD account can either be enabled for Personal Printing by the admin­strator or register themselves:

  • A user (with an account from the domain of the Personal Printing server) goes to the Release Station and holds his NFC card or token to the card reader.
  • The printer will issue a registration instruction.
    (To change the template of this instruction, see Editing instructions for self-registration.)

printout of the self-registration instruction (example with https and the server address PP-40)

The user follows this instruction:

  • To do this, log into the JobViewer on the web console of the Personal Printing server. If you do not use Single Sign-On with your web browser, log in here:

logging on to JobViewer

  • The user enters the six-digit access code specified on the registration instruc­tions and confirms by clicking on Submit code.

JobViewer: entering the access code for self-registration

  • S/he then sees the list of her/his Personal Printing jobs, which is still empty at this time. This completes the registration.

JobViewer: user successfully registered for Personal Printing


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