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With Personal Printing JobViewer, users can get an overview of all their print jobs stored on the Personal Printing server. Here they can delete print jobs that are not needed any more or were sent by mistake. Additionally, the order of print jobs can be changed here.
JobViewer is installed automatically on the Personal Printing server and can be reached by any browser – inside or outside the company’s domain. The classic Inter­net Explorer is not supported here. In contrast, Edge, Chrome and Firefox are recom­mended.

  • Enter the following URL into a browser:


Example: https://pp-04/jobviewer

Encrypted connect­ing to the Job­Viewer

If you want to use the JobViewer over an encrypted connection (https://), proceed as follows:

  1. Import a server certificate
  2. Use this certificate to add an https connection to the IIS

Both steps are described the section encrypting user data during transmission.

  • Open the Jobviewer with the above URL. If you do not use Single Sign-On with your web browser, log in here:

login to JobViewer

The Jobviewer is available in English and German and follows the language set in the browser (default: English).
Log in with (user) credentials. Then you will get a list of print jobs stored on the server.

JobViewer: list of stored print jobs

Here, you can:

  • delete a print job: Click on the recycle bin on the right
  • delay a print job: Click on the checkbox on the left
  • sort print jobs: With the mouse you can grab a print job and move it to another position (drag&drop)
  • Account tab (arrow in the screenshot): User information as well as the possibil­ity to renew the registration when replacing the NFC card or token

As soon as you authenticate yourself at the printer, all print jobs listed here are printed. If you no print jobs are shown here, check if the time period for saving the jobs may have been set too short (see maximum print job storage time).

JobViewer: User information and possibility to renew the registration when chang­ing the NFC card or the token

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