Personal Printing, ThinPrint Engine and Tracking

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If you use Personal Printing either together with Tracking Service (included in Per­sonal Printing) or with ThinPrint Engine (not included), please note the following instructions.

Order of installa­tion

It is recommended that you install each of the Personal Printing, Tracking Report Engine, ThinPrint Engine, and ThinPrint License Server components on separate servers. Two exceptions are the combinations:

  • ThinPrint Engine + Personal Printing
  • License Server + ThinPrint Engine

So if you want to install Personal Printing on a print server together with the ThinPrint Engine, please follow the following sequence:

1. ThinPrint Engine
2. Personal Printing

Note! The Tracking Report Engine must not be installed together with Per­sonal Printing, ThinPrint Engine or License Server on the same computer. To do this, use a separate web server.

Enabling service account for printing

Since version 10, the ThinPrint Engine is equipped with a license server. If ThinPrint is used additionally, the service account which is to be created for Personal Printing installation and configuration (see User account for installation) must be enabled for printing on the License Server.

Personal Printing’s service account on the License Server

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