Preparing the Release Station
and registering users

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Preparing the Release Station

Perform the following preparatory activities at the Release Station:

  • Set up the device including login (see Setting up the Release Station)
  • Personal Printing configuration in the Web console of the Release Station:
    • Enable the checkbox Personal Printing.
    • Choose between Personal Printing installed locally on a server and the cloud-based ezeep Pull Printing.
      If your organization uses ezeep Blue, you can switch the Hub or Release Station to use ezeep Pull Printing instead of Personal Printing (see below).

In the first case (Personal Printing):

    • Enter the URL of the Personal Printing server with https, for which a server certificate must first be installed on the Personal Printing server and possibly the matching issuer/root certificate on the Release Station.
      With the Validate certificate option, the Release Station checks whether the server certificate matches the specified URL and, with the help of the issuer certificate, the validity of the server certificate.
    • Enter the Default user password (default: 0000), which …
      • with self-registration: … must be the same as the Default user PIN in the console of the Personal Printing server, e. g. 0000 or ABCD
      • with manual setup by the admin: … must be the same as the User PIN in the users’ AD configuration on the Personal Printing server

In the second case (ezeep Pull Printing):

    • Enter the password set for the Release Station or Hub in the ezeep Blue web portal
      (→ Network Printers→ Connectors).
  • Also select the mode of processing the print jobs and confirm your entries by clicking on Save.

  • Connect one or more card readers, select the number of card readers in the Card reader configuration area. If there are several card readers, click Detect card reader.

Note! If more than one card reader is used, only those of type 1252 can be used.

  • Use ID personal printer to assign the relevant printer ID from the Personal Printing Server console to each card reader. Confirm by clicking on Save.

Registering users at the Release Station


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