Printing to Personal Printer

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How printing works

  1. If users are printing from an application, they select the respective Personal Printer.

    printing from an application (example for Windows)

  2. Users working on Windows workstations are presented with the ThinPrint Out­put Gateway printer driver interface, even when they are printing with the orig­inal driver. The printer settings (duplex/simplex, color/grayscale, print resolu­tion, paper size, source, etc.) can be selected in the ThinPrint Output Gateway interface. If the print settings are not supported by the target printer, the print job will be sent nonetheless (in the form most compatible with the hardware).
    ThinPrint Output Gateway can be displayed in 16 languages and is automati­cally matched to the display language of the workstation.
  3. Then the Windows users go to any printer set up for Personal Printing and authenticate themselves there with their NFC card or their NFC token.
    Mac and Linux users go to the printer that they have selected previously.

Then, depending on the Release Station settings one or all print jobs so far sent to Personal Printer (and saved on the Personal Printing server) will be printed on this printer, or will be printer for as long as the NFC card or the NFC token is present at the card reader. The user can get an overview of the saved jobs with the JobViewer.

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