Importing certificates
to the Release Station

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If the connection from the web browser to the Release Station console or from the Release Station to the Personal Printing server is to be encrypted, then the Certifi­cates menu of the Release Station’s web console is used for loading certificates from a workstation or a server onto the Release Station (see the screenshots below). If a certificate contains key (for the connection web browser→ Release Station), then it is protected with a password; this must be entered while uploading.


Menu Function
Upload certificate select the certificate to be uploaded
file type .pfx, .p12 or .cer
Unlock certificate → Unlock enter password
click Unlock to confirm
Unlock certificate→ Remove cancel uploading the certificate
In use certificate is in use
Remove remove the certificate
click Save to confirm
Web server certificate certificate for the connection web browser→ Release Station
Certificate for printing certificate for receiving print jobs from the ThinPrint Engine (not relevant for Personal Printing)
Server URL Personal Printing server URL: enter https for encrytion the connection
Root or intermediate certificate issuer certificate = certificate of a root or intermediate certification authority for the connection Release Station→ Personal Printing server
> For https, a server certificate issued by this root or intermediate certification authority must be installed on the personal printing server.
> If an intermediate certificate has been uploaded without the associated root certificate, this intermediate certificate must be specified here.
If you select the option All installed CA certificates, then one of the installed or (in the operating system of the hub) embedded root certificates is automatically selected. This applies even if an Intermediate CA certificate and its root certificate have been uploaded.
Save saves the entries
Cancel cancels the operation

Note! A reboot is required after loading the certificates onto the Release Sta­tion. For your certificates to function error-free, also check the system time.

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