Installing Personal Printing

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How it works

Workstations, terminal servers, virtual desktops

To print from a Windows computer (a workstation, terminal server or virtual desktop) one always selects the same printer object, namely the Personal Printer shared on the Personal Printing server. This is a virtual printer. It allows the creation of device-independent print data which can be used with all printers and independent from the manufacturer – alternatively to universal drivers. But these can also be used, for example for printing from Mac or Linux computers.

Personal Printing server

Firstly, print jobs of the Personal Printer are cached on a user-specified directory on the Personal Printing server and – after authentication by the user – will be printed using the original (native) driver.

At the printer

For this purpose, the user goes directly to the network printer and identifies himself. This can be done with the Release Station, with a Personal Printing Client in printers or with a smartphone, and optionally with PIN entry. There all print jobs of this user will be printed or those which have been selected before.

Personal Printing scenario

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