Setting up target printers

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  • In the Personal Printing console, click Enable Printers.

Personal Printing configuration console

Decide whether you want to add a printer that is connected to a locally installed printer port (Local printer) or if you want to connect to a shared printer on another server (Network printer).

selecting printer type

Local printers

Here: printers that were created locally on the Personal Printing server (that will be printed to via Standard-TCP/IP or LPR/LPD). Generally they are physical network printers.

  • Select Local printer.
  • You can select the printers by highlighting them (even several). Do not select a Personal Printer.

selecting locally installed printers for Personal Printing

Network printers

Here: shared printers listed in the domain / AD
To set up network printers, the user account for this purpose must be an AD user account (see Access account and password).

  • Select Network printer.
  • A window will open, with which you can search in the specified domain for printers; specific criteria can be used. You can highlight several printers simul­taneously.

selecting shared printers for Personal Printing (example)

After that, the selected printers can be seen in the MMC where they automatically receive an ID to differentiate between them.

assigned printer IDs

On the right of the printer list you can change IDs or disable printers:

Change ID

The printers listed here, which you previously selected for Personal Print­ing, receive an ID automatically. If you wish to change this, select Change ID and enter a new one.

Disable Printers

Here you can remove from the list, printers that you selected for Personal Printing. You don’t delete printers with this, but merely disable Personal Printing for these printers.

Printer mapping

Set up your environment in such a way that when users log in to a session on their desktops they are connected to a Personal Printer (of the Personal Printing server):

• the Personal Printer if they work with Windows (see Adding Personal Printers)
• a Personal Printer with a native driver if they work with Mac OS or Linux (Setting up Personal Printers for Mac and Linux machines)

This can be done, for example, using a group policy in AD.

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