Default user PIN
and authentication methods

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  • Click Edit settings in the Personal Printing configuration console and select the Authentication tab.

Personal Printing configuration console

Here you can set up a Default user PIN and the methods of authentication that will be used generally throughout your company.

Default user PIN

The authentication method Card with preset ID (NFC card or token) allows users to register themselves. It should be noted that the User PIN in the Personal Printing Clients must match this Default user PIN. Both numbers and letters can be used (maximum 255 digits).

You want users to register themselves, so enter 0000 here as the Default user PIN. Then enter the same PIN or password:

  • in a Personal Printing Release Station as the default user password
  • in the Personal Printing Client on a Lexmark printer as the default user PIN
  • in the Personal Printing Client on a Samsung printer as the default PIN
  • in the Personal Printing Client on a Konica Minolta printer as the default PIN

Personal Printing: Authentication tab with Default user PIN

Authentication methods

You can use both authentication methods Card with preset ID (NFC card or token) and Scan barcode using smartphone in parallel (see screenshot above). That is, some Personal Printing users can authenticate with the smartphone, others with NFC card. It is also possible to assign a user both authentication methods.
Select the authentication method(s), that you want to use throughout your com­pany. Later, in the user configuration (see Configuring smartphone users), only those authentication methods that you have chosen here will be active.

Card with preset ID
It’s a card type with a fixed card number, which is used to identify the users.

Scan barcode using smartphone
Select this option, if the users are to authenticate themselves on the printer with their smartphone. So you can send the users the configuration email later, via the Personal Printing server, enter the SMTP address of your mail server (TCP port 25 must be open). To enable users to reach the Personal Printing server from a smartphone, also enter the URL of your Personal Printing server here (for data encryption see Encrypting user data during transmission). This URL is part of the config­uration mail that will be sent to the users later (see Personalize). Make sure as well, that TCP port 80 (and/or 443 with encryption) are open. In addition, you can set whether for all users Force PIN entry on smartphone should be set as default or switched off.

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