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How it works

Following the recommendations of HP regarding printer security we developed a client that stores the Personal Printing configuration for your FutureSmart HP printers.  That means our client will run on a dedicated machine (e.g. your Personal Printing server) where you can enter all needed settings for a functional Personal Printing authentication. In the end, we will just register the client on the HP printer without installing any software on it. Every request regarding the printer authentication will be handled and forwarded by the dedicated client.


  • ASP.NET Core SDK 3.1.x installed on the Personal Printing client machine
  • the corresponding certificate has to be downloaded from the printer and imported to trusted root authorities of the Personal Printing HP client machine
  • [Optional] The Root-CA that issued the web certificate of your Personal Printing server has to be installed on the Personal Printing client machine if you want to use an encrypted connection from the client to the Personal Printing server

Installing the Personal Printing Client for HP printers

  • Extract the zip file and double-click on the Setup_PPHpClient_x64.msi file.

Personal Printing HP Client MSI file

  • Confirm the User Account Control. Afterward, the client will be installed.



Configure the settings

  • You can find the Personal Printing HP client configuration in your start menu as “PPHpClient”.

Windows Start Menu

  • Open the settings.

Open settings

  • Click on “Personal Printing” on the left-hand side. Enter the URL of your Personal Printing server, the default user PIN that you configured in the settings of your Personal Printing, and choose which authentication method should be used as default when adding new printers. Additionally, you can limit how many and which digits of the card ID we should use for authentication.

Personal Printing settings

  • Click on “Web Service” on the left-hand side. Choose the network interface which should be used to communicate with the printer.
    • If encryption is enabled choose the certificate that should be used for encryption (server certificate).
      • The certificate has to be installed into “Trusted Root Certification Authorities”.
    • The root-CA that issued the server certificate has to be installed on the printers.
  • Apply your changes by clicking on Apply.

Configure Web Service settings

  • Add a new printer by clicking on Add Printer.

Add a new printer

  • Enter name, address, Admin password, and Personal Printing printer ID.
    • Additionally, you can configure another authentication method for this specific printer.

Add a new printer

  • Select whether you want to register the client right away (green) or just want to save the settings and register the client later (red) with the slider on the left-hand side.
  • Hit apply changes.
  • If everything went the right way the status icon should equal your chosen registration state (green or red). Otherwise, it will be an exclamation mark on a yellow base which will tell you what went wrong in a tooltip by hovering over it.

It’s recommendet to use just one instant of the Personal Printing HP client per environment. Otherwise the last applied change will win and overwrite all others.

Authenticating on the HP printer

  • For sending a print job to the Personal Printing server see the section Authenti­cating on the Lexmark printer.
  • When you are on the printer menu you can select the Personal Printing App on its start page.

Drucker Startseite

  • Next, swipe your smart card.
  • After that, you can select the print jobs you want to print and hit print.
  • Your print jobs will be sent to the printer.


The printer is not reachable from the Personal Printing HP client machine
  • check connection via ping or open the web configuration of the printer via browser from the Personal Printing HP client machine
  • check that all certificates are in the right place
The app doesn’t want to start on the printer or isn’t loading properly.
  • check for correct IP addresses on all sides
Installation failed with “Service ‘Personal Printing Client For HP Printer’ (PPHpClient) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.”Installation Error
  • check whether ASP.NET Core SDK 3.1.x is installed
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