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The ThinPrint Engine has user-based licensing. The License Server installer can install a license key. But for productive purposes you should have received license keys from your reseller; these are also installed on the License Server. License keys start as follows:

  • TLUS-1025-10… annual ThinPrint Engine license (ALM)

The third block of the key indicates the number of licensed named users (in this example: 10). More information about ThinPrint licensing can be found in the Licensing section.

Note! If License Server and Management Center are installed on different machines, then the license keys of ThinPrint Engine (TLUS) must be installed on the License Server, but the license key of the Management Center (TPMC) on the Management Center machine.

Package contents

The ThinPrint Engine product ZIP contains amongst other components:

  • The License Server installer
  • The ThinPrint Engine installer
  • The installer for both License Server and ThinPrint Engine (bundle installer)
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