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Adding printers

In the NoTouch Center, select the Hub on which you want to create a printer. Click on Add Printer to initially assign a printer name.

Add Printer to Hub

The following properties can be configured below:

Configure Printer

ID identification number of the printer (in the ThinPrint Client), see the ThinPrint Engine manual on print servers
Host Name network printer address (IP address, hostname or FQDN)
Printer Port communikation via TCP/IP

communikation via LPR

communikation via USB
Using the NoTouch Center only 1 USB printer per hub can be managed. If you want to connect more than one printer via USB, the relevant ThinPrint Hub must be removed from the central administration and managed separately via the web interface.

Printer TCP Port port via which the printer is addressed. Only used if “TCP/IP” is selected in the Printer Port property.
Custom Printer LP Options queue name (of the LPD)
Windows Printer Driver Name printer driver name

(information field for Management Services)

Renaming or deleting Printers

Select the printer to be renamed. You can then rename the printer by clicking Rename.

Rename Printer

In the same mask, you can also delete the printer by clicking Delete.

Delete Printer

Global SNMP settings

In NoTouch Center, select the ThinPrint Hub you want to configure and select the Global SNMP Settings submenu item. Here you can configure the following items.

Global SNMP Settings

Printer Monitoring enabling or disabling the printer monitoring via SNMP
SNMP Version SNMP 1 and 2c

Simplest but least reliable way to send status queries to printers. Only a common community name is required for the setup (default is Public), which is transmitted in plain text.

Secure variant for sending status queries to printers. In addition to a user name, a password must also be stored for the hub and printer to match. The password is hashed either via MD5 or SHA.
All communication between ThinPrint Hub and printer can also be encrypted via DES or AES.

Community Name default: Public
Specification of a network/community under which printers respond to requests. This community name has to be stored for all printers you want to monitor.
Only relevant for SNMP 1 and 2c.
User Name user name which is to be used for authentication
Authentication Type Choice between 2 authentication types
• MD5 (only recommended for test purposes only)
Authentication Passphrase password which is to be used for authentication at the printer via SNMP
Privacy Type Choice between 2 encryption types
• AES (optional)
Privacy Passphrase password which is to be used for encrytion of the SNMP queries (optional)
Enable SNMP Proxy By enabling the SNMP proxy, you can send SNMP queries to the Hubs and obtain status information on the connected printers.
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