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Central administration

Here the central administration can be enabled and disabled via the NoTouch Center.

Enabling/Disabling Central Management

Caution! If central management is enabled, all settings previously made on the Hub are reset.

Alternative administration URL

This menu item allows you to enter an alternative address at which the ThinPrint Hub should contact you in the future. For example, the Hub is used in a location without a VPN connection and should report to the public IP of the NoTouch Center after its initial setup.

Alternative IP address

Interval of the settings query

The time interval at which the ThinPrint Hub should ask for new settings can be specified under Management Anncounce Interval (Minutes).

Management Announce Interval

Type of IP address

Here you can determine which IP address is linked to the ThinPrint Hub when you click the globe icon in the NoTouch Center.

Alternative IP Address for go to website

The possible options are:

  • Internal IP → IPv4 address of the ThinPrint Hubs
  • External/Visible IP → address recognized by the NoTouch Center (can also be an IPv6 address depending on the network)
  • No Setting → default setting corresponds to External/Visible IP

ThinPrint Hub Firmware

Choose firmware version

Only updates are possible. Downgrades are not supported.

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