Installing the NoTouch Center

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Importing the web server package

  • From the ThinPrint Resource Center, download the ThinPrint Hub Remote Management alias NoTouch Center package as a .zip file.
  • Import the .ova file included in the .zip file using Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware Workstation or VMware vCenter (ESX server), e. g. ThinPrint_Hub_Remote_Management_20190820.ova.

  • The default setting for the network adapter is usually NAT. Select Bridged to make the web console accessible to the Hubs and Release Stations.

Configuring the web server

Note: As of firmware version 1.8, Hubs or Release Stations are automatically connected to the NoTouch Center when they can reach it. These newly registered Hubs are added to the Unassigned group, which does not yet overwrite their previous settings. See also Assigning Hubs or Release Stations.

  • Start the virtual machine.
  • Accept the license agreement with OK and/or Yes.

  • Select a password for the administrator account admin and enter it twice.

  • In the network settings, either select the automatic assignment of an IP address (DHCP), or enter one manually (Static).

In any case, make sure that the configured DNS servers (Name Server) can resolve the host name of the NoTouch Center (default: tcmgr).

  • Finally, restart the system.

After the restart the message appears that the NoTouch Center is now ready for use.

Opening the NoTouch Center console

  • On your administrator workstation, open the NoTouch Center login page. Enter https://tcmgr as the web address. Here, ignore any certificate warning because the NoTouch server uses a self-signed certificate by default.
  • Select English as the language.
  • Enter the access data:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: the admin password you have chosen above

The console of the NoTouch Center opens. The Devices Managed menu shows with Unassigned: 0 that no device (Hub or Release Station) has connected yet.

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