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  • The group menu opens when you select the name of a group, e.g. Netherlands.

Here you will find the following buttons in the upper right corner:

add an unassigned Hub to this group
rename this group
add a subgroup tothis group
delete this group

Configuration tab


You have the following input and selection options in this menu:

Description description field for this group
Firmware Pool URL see Multiple image pools in the Stratodesk knowledge base
Assigned to assignment of this group to a higher-level group; this can be changed here

Automatic assignment

For Automatic assignment see the article Auto-assign of the Stratodesk knowledge base.

Actions tab

  • On the Actions tab, you can reboot the Hubs of a group, announce them to the NoTouch Center, reset the authentication key (Mkey Auth Token), or perform the automatic assignment to a group again (Re-run Autoassign).
  • Confirm with Execute.

Acl tab

  • On the Acl tab you can assign the users of the NoTouch Center one of the rights Read or Write for this group.
    All rights set here are inherited to both subgroups and Hubs. Therefore, they cannot be changed there.
  • Confirm with Save.

Acl stands for Access Control List.

Info tab

  • The Info tab displays the hubs of this group or of a subgroup with status, IP address and firmware version.
  • Click on  to show details of the Hubs.

Licenses tab

The Stratodesk licenses shown here are not relevant for ThinPrint Hubs.

See the Licensing section instead.

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